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I am privileged to be able to combine my knowledge and experience of the Ashtanga Vinyasa system with the Yoga Philosophy and Meditation of the Himalayan Tradition. This has given rise to a much greater level of ‘awareness’ in terms of what is beneficial to myself, in my personal practice and the students with whom I share the practice. My teacher, Denise Martin-Harker, is guiding me along this path. A great ‘shift’ is happening. With the change in the season, darker nights, colder and damper weather, we now have a greater ‘awareness’ that has led us to realise that a ‘full on’ Ashtanga Vinyasa practice, for most of us with busy lives and responsibilities, can become something that depletes our energy rather than restores and revives us. So, we’re taking the ‘less is more’ approach. Making sure that we have a balanced Yoga practice where we do less Asana, with more awareness and integrity and more Meditation and Yoga Nidra. This more realistic approach has been difficult for many of us as we are wrestling with our ego.  Letting go of being able to put your leg behind your head or ‘wanting’ that next pose……WHY?  So often, we talk about practicing ‘Ahimsa’, non-violence, but we often forget that we need to practice Ahimsa with ourselves when we’re on our <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Yoga mat</a>. So, the theme for the Winter months and those of us who are more mature, is ‘quality, not quantity’ and being aware of when something is energizing us and doing us ‘good’ and recognizing when something is giving us a short lived endorphin ‘high’ but in fact could be depleting us. So we are taking the awareness that we find in our Himalayan practices and using that awarenss to give us a more effective Ashtanga Vinyasa Asana practice.  Be kind….

January 24, 2016